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Hello!  I'm Bridgette Brenmark.  I am an artist at heart and I love working with multiple media.  For the last 17 years, I have applied my artistry to service in the US Army as a musician, conductor and band commander.  My service has taken me around the world from Japan to Afghanistan.  I have found it very rewarding to connect with people through music and to see people's faces light up despite going through tough times.  


I am especially proud of conducting the Army Band during three State Funeral ceremonies for our Former President, George H.W. Bush, in Houston, TX.

I am a fan of horror and science fiction, especially when the stories teach us something about our society and ourselves.  I am a proud panelist for the Lovecraft eZine podcast.


My goal is to feel free to musically and visually explore concepts that are beyond words and not be confined to a single media.  I am also passionate about sharing knowledge and that has brought me to being a teacher in some facet no matter where this life lands me.  It brings me joy to help other teachers with satisfying music for their ensembles or materials for their lessons.

Professional highlights include: a Bachelor of Music degree in Music Composition from the University of Idaho; Masters worin costume design; private instruction in piano and saxophone; theater work in music and costuming; music arranging and composing for various ensembles; drawing, painting and sculpting; production design for engaging concerts that tell a story; leadership and developing leaders.


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