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The Gathering (2022)

My most viewed composition on YouTube!  This is one of my short spooky pieces written for an October music composition prompt list I host called Babs Composoween.  The prompt for this piece was "The Gathering."  I created a party setting with this piece complete with maniacal laughter and wolves howling.

The Ritual (2022)

Another prompt for Babs Composoween, "The Ritual" captures a raw moment of conjuring, perhaps in some dark spooky woods.

Vampire Waltz (2020)

Written for Babs Composoween 2022, A Vampire Waltz explores how vampires move in an un-human way with a 7/8 time signature and a playful, but a bit menacing, melody.

Sesquicentennial Overture (2019)

2019 was the 150th Anniversary of the establishment of Fort Sill, Oklahoma.  I served as the Commander of the 77th Army Band on Fort Sill and set out to write a piece in honor of the event.  The instrumentation is for the band we had at that time and the 77th Army Band retains all writes for performance and recording of this piece.  Please listen for an example of my writing.


The first part of the piece is fairly chronological as it depicts the land, its native people, the arrival of the cavalry and the establishment of Fort Sill.  From that point forward, there are many entities (themes) trying to find their place and how to work together.  A new theme is created by them in the end in a celebration of what makes Fort Sill special and unique.

I chose the title of an overture with the idea that overtures typically contain multiple themes and introduce something that comes after.  In this case, the large work being introduced is the future of Fort Sill.

Ode to a World of Joy (2018)

This arrangement of Ode to Joy with Joy to the World is perfect for any winter holiday concert!  The instrumentation is for wind ensemble with a rhythm section.  The two pieces being intertwined as opposed to played separately makes this arrangement a unique and fun experience for the players and audience.

After the Longest Night (2017)

This piece was composed for the 2017 holiday concert performed by the 77th Army Band (Ft. Sill).  It is my experiment in ambient rock for concert band plus rhythms instruments.  I took a minimalist approach to depicting the coming of the sun after the winter solstice, the year's longest night.

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