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The idea for this workbook came from a workshop that I did some years ago with a few piano students around the age of 10.  They completed the worksheets and wrote short pieces over two sessions.  The third session, they performed their favorite creation during a mini-recital for their parents.  The parents were so impressed with what their kids were able to write and the students were so proud.  Win! Win!  This workbook is completely revamped and updated with the same goal of inspiration.

I've found during years of composing and teaching that those first choices in writing a piece can sometimes be the hardest.  This workbook eases some of that burden.  It also is created with the modern lover of horror, roleplaying and video games in mind!

In the beginning, you discover the journal of Melody Zann.  She describes a haunting experience.  You will follow along with her to several vignettes that explore fundamentals, tips and tricks and inspiration for writing music to suit the scene.  Beginners will learn how music theory can be applied to create a scary sound and will be able to write pieces that sound good!  More advanced students will refresh on the elements of scary music and be inspired to write beyond the tropes to more sophisticated pieces.  This workbook isn't just writing prompts for composers, it's an art book for horror fans and an adventure!

PLUS! Join the "Haunting Melody Horror Music Group" to chat with like minds about scary music and share your compositions inspired by the workbook!

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