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2023 - Focus on the wins!

Another year is coming to a close! There is something I like to do in my journal each month and that is to make a page for kudos. So often, our planners are filled with todo's and it's easy to get overwhelmed and focus on what we haven't accomplished. I've struggled with that, so I started doing kudos each month. It helps me to get some momentum off of those kudos and inspire me to check off more of those todo items in the coming month! So, this is my kudos post for 2023. There is more work to be done, and I am catching up on a lot of it, but it's good to focus on the wins!

I wrote music for two podcasts that debuted in 2023. They are both podcasts that speak to my heart as well. Forged in Fire is a podcast about LGBTQ in leadership. They interview people in the military and civilian sectors and discuss the importance of inclusion in leadership and the affect of leadership on people's lives. The Weird Library Podcast features stories for today's best writers of weird fiction.

The Weird Library podcast also features my art and narration. It was a great honor to be trusted to create all of these products for the standup of this podcast: the logo design, tshirt design, multiple versions of the art for various platforms, the music, and the narration for the first episode. I love being able to dive into different media around a particular theme/project. I will continue to make a social media promo art piece for each coming episode and I am on the rotation of narrators, so you will hear me again! I'm very proud of how much I've grown in the various computer programs necessary to accomplish all of these products with relative ease. This helped immensely in building my confidence.

Haunting Melody is wrapping up! I have gotten a lot of illustrating and writing done on it this year. The staff paper notebooks have been ready, but now I also have the art prints in hand. I'm going to do everything I can to get the book itself to the printers so it can ship in January. I know many people have put their faith in me with this project and have been patiently waiting! I can't begin to describe how much that means to me. I know now that what I will be delivering is going to be something I am proud of and I hope that it provides some entertainment as well as helping some of you out there write your own spooky music!

I continued work on my music studio upstairs and it has become such a personalized and enjoyable space to work in! Adding to that mindset, some of my family came out to help me work on the top story of my shed, which will become my new art studio! The dry wall is up and I am hoping to finish the priming and painting so that I can set it all up in the new year. I will be finishing the book first so that I'm not trying to move my studio, AGAIN, during work on this project. Twice in one year is TOO MUCH. I am so glad that I now own a home that I love and can build upon. I am proud of myself for getting the art studio started and coming up with a vision for inspiring decor in there. I can't wait to move in and I will post some videos about it on my YouTube channel.

I worked my butt off to get better at Cubase this year. I feel like I'm finally getting a good workflow and not having to look up so many things as I am trying to do things. I'm used to writing for live musicians, so I really had to push myself to get better at this. When I listen to the things I wrote for Composoween this year from last, I can hear a great improvement. I hope you do, too! I already have some other projects I'm working on and will share with you in the new year.

On the day job front, I taught three courses of officers and warrant officers to help them be successful in leading military bands. I conducted the concert band for two of the courses of brand new Army musicians. I earned the Instructor Badge. I got promoted this year! Overall, I've gotten to work with some amazing people in the field that have inspired me so much!

That about covers it! I hope you will continue to journey with me. Remember to write down your kudos as well as your todo lists! Wishing you all a very happy new year!

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