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Dark Side of the Bridge is my media company that creates music, art and experiences! 


Follow along with Melody Zann as she explores how to write haunting music! A compositional method book like no other! Haunting Melody is perfect for teens, college students, the young at heart and lovers of scary stories and music.  Written and illustrated by me for you and your music students.  


I had the honor of designing the logo, promo art, and writing the music for this amazing podcast that features stories from today's best writers of weird fiction.  The first episode ALSO features my narration!  Listen where you get your podcasts: YouTube, apple podcasts, Spotify, etc.

I created 13 original illustrations for The Eversteam Chronicles: Book One by Jude Matulich-Hall.  This universe is dark fantasy and steampunk inspired with themes of friendship.  I have more projects that I am working on in this universe for future publications.  Book One is available now!

I am currently working on the illustrations for Book Two!!


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